Job description 

  • Securing the driving experience of our customers all over the world
  • Working on certificate and key management, key transport and derivation and much more
  • Contributing to all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Supporting our continuous improvement process
  • Working in an international team


You feel comfortable working with…

  • X.509 certificates
  • Public-key infrastructures
  • Java and Java EE (at least Java EE 7), application servers (JBoss), Hibernate, JSF 2.x and higher, Primefaces
  • Spring Boot, Spring Security
  • CI/CD: git, Jenkins, Maven
  • Selenium, JUnit 4 & 5, Mockito
  • REST and SOAP services
  • IntelliJ, SonarQube and SoapUI
  • The occasional other programming language (C/C++, Groovy, Python)
  • Scrum

You understand…

  • The design patterns and/or architectural blueprints of a complex and distributed system
  • How to write clean, well-designed, testable and human readable code
  • Different test types (unit test, integration test, system test)
  • How to use different test methodologies in your daily work (TDD, BDD, etc.)
  • How to be proactive, show individual initiative and be self-organized, with a pronounced capacity for teamwork
  • How to use your comprehensive knowledge to contribute to team discussions, and support the team in choosing appropriate technologies
  • How to foster knowledge building in development teams
  • A growth mindset plays a key role in being successful
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English and basic German communication skills

As a bonus, you…

  • Have a good understanding of cryptography from a Java perspective
  • Are interested in developing yourself further, e.g. as a lead developer
  • Have an affinity for funny GIFs

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